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New Suzuki Ignis

New Suzuki Ignis

Suzuki Ignis

All you adventurous spirits out there, meet the Ignis, a unique car with one of a kind design. Your new compact companion, small but perfectly formed, comes in 11 colour options with stylish touches in every detail. Put a whole new slant on excitement, drive away in an instant icon.

Ignis Features

Suzuki Suzuki/ignis - Performance


There’s no doubt about it: the Suzuki Ignis stands out. Its chunky body, enhanced ride height and roof bars are SUV trademarks, miniaturised into a city-friendly package. SZ3 models stand out even more with wheel arch extensions and LED headlights.
Suzuki Ignis - Fun to Drive


The Ignis is powered by a petrol or hybrid engine, depending on the model you choose. All models are efficient and nippy with a comfortable ride. A rear parking camera is standard on SZ-T models to help guide you into parking spaces.
Suzuki Ignis - Confidence Included


Thanks to its high roofline, the Ignis boasts impressive headroom making it perfect for taller occupants. There’s room for four passengers and the boot’s big too, with a 267-litre capacity. SZ-T and SZ5 models feature 50-50 sliding rear seats.
Suzuki Ignis - 4WD ALLGRIP

Living with it

All models have air conditioning, Bluetooth and DAB. SZ5 models are seriously well-equipped, with satellite navigation, LED headlights and keyless entry and start. With useful features like these, the Ignis is a genuine pleasure to live with.


Suzuki Ignis
Suzuki Ignis
Suzuki Ignis

Ignis Colours

Suzuki Ignis - Fervent Red

Fervent Red

Suzuki Ignis Pure White Pearl

Pure White Pearl

Suzuki Ignis - Super Black

Super Black

Suzuki Ignis - Neon Blue Metallic

Neon Blue Metallic

Suzuki Ignis - Speedy Blue Metallic

Speedy Blue Metallic

Suzuki Ignis - Rush Yellow Metallic

Rush Yellow Metallic

Suzuki Ignis - Tough Khaki Pearl

Tough Khaki Pearl

Suzuki Ignis - Pure White Pearl € 2 Tone

Pure White Pearl – 2 tone

Suzuki Ignis - Fervent Red € 2 Tone

Fervent Red – 2 tone

Suzuki Ignis - Neon Blue Metallic € 2 Tone

Neon Blue Metallic – 2 tone

Suzuki Ignis - Rush Yellow Metallic - 2 Tone

Rush Yellow Metallic - 2 Tone

Suzuki Ignis - Tough Khaki Pearl Metallic - 2 Tone

Tough Khaki Pearl Metallic - 2 Tone

Suzuki Ignis - Caravan Ivory Metallic - 2 Tone

Caravan Ivory Metallic - 2 Tone

For the trim levels, colours and more detailed info, download or order the Ignis brochure

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The Suzuki Ignis is a dinky SUV that’s well priced and neatly packaged.
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To make a fun, tech-laden and downright sexy car for that price deserves a Swift round of applause
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Distinctive styling. Affordable to buy. Low running costs. Available with all-wheel drive. Surprisingly spacious rear seats.
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New Suzuki Ignis
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